Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween 2013

I know I have a few family events I need to catch up on. Namely, the cruise, Eden's trip to New York, first day of school - I'm stopping this list. It's stressing me out. So, if Halloween is all that gets reported on each year, it's better than nothing, right?

Anticipation was in the air for one young member of our family. Once  while being dragged along on a clothes shopping expedition, he looked at a rack of clothes and said, "I don't get it. How can girls think this is fun? The only day clothes even matter is Halloween." He had his costume ready to roll months ago.

The older girls are going through that transition stage of Halloween. They still want candy, but now parties take priority over canvasing the neighborhood for full-size candy bars. 

Eden got to dress up for school. For some reason, they let the high schooler's wear costumes, but the younger kids aren't allowed to (weird, I know). So, Eden was excited to look done up and glamorous. 

Her plans for the evening included a football game. Her school was playing their rival high school this week. The Freshman team plays Thursday nights, and the Varsity team plays Friday nights. The Varsity game is called The Mound Showdown. They even sell merchandise around this game each year. It's kind of ridiculous. 

Anyway, her "friend" John plays on the Freshman football team, so she wanted to go see his game and then met up with him and a few other friends to hang out. She still wanted to figure out a way to go trick-or-treating, so she said she and her friends would take Davis. 

Since the game didn't end until 7:30, she was going to take Davis to the game, change into costumes when the game was over, and then walk home and trick or treat along the way. Davis didn't mind going to the game because the girl of his dreams (remember Audria?) has a sister who is a freshman cheerleader and she goes to all the games.

Long story short, the game went long, and around 7:45, Davis started having a full on panic attack that he was going to miss trick or treating. Eden kept telling him that they were still going and that there wasn't a time limit. He wasn't buying it and the tears started gushing. In the middle of his melt down he told (yelled at) Eden that she was making this Halloween "ALL TRICKS AND NO TREATS!!"

She texted me to come pick them up and in the car on the way back, Eden told Davis she would still take him trick or treating. He said back to her, "No offense Eden, but you haven't done a very good job of Halloween this year, I want mom to take me." 

Of course, I did. I was glad, too, because he needed a little help with navigating his interactions. More specifically, he needed someone to apologize for him at most of the houses. Highlights included him telling someone that it was "okay" they gave him a pencil because he actually needed one. Asking someone why they took so long to answer the door. And, my personal favorite, telling someone they shouldn't let their dogs come with them to the door because some trick or treaters (like him) are allergic to shedding mammals. Most people were not amused.

Abby attended her first boy/girl Halloween party at her friend Laura's house. She dressed up as a nerd, but didn't want to look too nerdy. Eden had a little too much fun with the "I thought you were going to dress up" jokes about Abby being a nerd. She looked cute, though.

Katie went as an 80's Valley Girl. I taught her all the lingo and instead of saying "trick or treat," she smacked her gum and said "gag me with a spoon." She ran around the neighborhood with her friend Clare. 

After I put on Katie's make-up, Davis walked in and said, "Whoa, Katie, you look really good." Katie said, "Are you saying I don't normally look good?" "No, no," Davis said, "It's just that this is . . . WOW." after a short pause he added, "I don't have a crush on you or anything."

By the end of the night, their bags were full of candy and our Baggs were full of candy. It was 11:00 p.m. by the time everyone got home and settled and in bed. We let Eden off the hook for seminary tomorrow, and for some reason, tomorrow is PICTURE DAY! for Katie and Davis. Who does that?