Sunday, April 14, 2013

Recent Pictures and Teeny Update

Kyle posted these recent pictures on Facebook, but I thought I'd throw them up here, too.

Davis wasn't seeing the point in a personal picture, and Kyle didn't push it.

Not much exciting to report on.

Eden started tutoring at Sylvan and LOVES it.

Abby has made a name for herself in being the most sought after babysitter in the ward (she got Kyle's baby-whispering gene).

Katie is choreographing her own dance solo to perform in the school talent show. Originally, she was doing a duet with her friend (also named Katie) but her friend backed out at the last minute. I love that Katie has no problem getting up and doing a solo. She's not even nervous. Abby said wild horses couldn't drag her onto a school stage to perform by herself. She thinks Katie is crazy. I think the feelings are mutual.

Finally, Davis is still cracking us up. Our water heater broke and needed replacing. Davis heard Kyle on the phone with the plumber and said, "You called a plumber dad? I'm so excited! I've always wanted to see a plumber plumb!"

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