Sunday, April 29, 2012

Memorable Kid Quote

Our ward is starting a new initiative to have the kids with musical talent help out playing prelude during Primary. This week they passed around a sign up sheet for kids to write down which instruments they play and which hymns they know or are willing to learn.

When the sign-up got to Davis, he casually grabbed the pen and wrote down that he would be happy to play some prelude music on a violin.

After Primary, a presidency member walked over to me and Davis.

Presidency Member: "So, Davis signed up to play the violin for prelude music."
Me: "What was that?"
Presidency Member repeats herself.
Me: "Davis, do you even know what a violin is?"
Davis: "Yep, it's that thing you hold on your shoulder and move back and forth."(mimics "violin" action)
Me: "OK, um, where are you going to get a violin to play?"
Davis (to the Presidency Member): "Don't you have some here?"

No fear, that kid.

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