Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Memorable Kid Quote

This morning, for scripture reading, I decided to go back to the book we used to use that focuses more on topics than straight reading. I actually love it because it makes the scriptures so applicable. Here's a link to the book in case you're interested.

The topic this morning was Intelligence. Katie read to us about how the glory of God is intelligence and how Heavenly Father wants us to be smart because our knowledge is all we get to take with us. Davis thought about this for a minute then said:

Davis: Abby is 100% intelligence...(short pause)...Katie is 99% intelligence....(another short pause)....Eden is 93% intelligence...(then proudly)...and I'm 20% intelligence.
Mom: Why are you only 20% intelligence?
Davis: Well, we haven't gotten to that part in school yet where we learn about intelligence.
Mom: Well, you don't really "learn about" intelligence. It's more like ... um ... remembering what you learn and applying it.
Davis: You learn about intelligence. Didn't you just teach us about intelligence this morning?

Oh yeah. Good point. Is it me or is it him?

A few weeks ago, Davis wasn't feeling well, so after Kyle rang the morning bell, I went upstairs to tell Davis he could sleep longer if he wanted to. He woke up when I entered his room, so I went over and lovingly tucked the covers back around him and told him to go back to sleep. He looked at me completely confused and said, "Mom, I can't go back to sleep, my dream just ended. It's over."

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