Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Captain Davis and Pirate Island: The Sequel

"The skeleton is looking into the box so it can find the treasure and he's thinking about doing something."
"The skeleton took the captain's ship and is on his way to a new island."
"The captain sees a hole in the ground where a treasure chest used to be."
"He looks into the hole. No treasure chest."
"What will the captain do? Will he try to find the stealer, or try to find another treasure chest?"
"The skeleton is almost to his destination."
"The captain stares at the sea and he gets an idea."
"He built a new boat and he's ready to sail the seven seas and look for the lost treasure."
"He sees his old ship and he's ready for battle."

"CRASH!! The ships clang together and the skeleton's ship is really damaged."

"The skeleton's ship sinks into the soft earth and it's ready to be sunk forever.  What is the captain going to do about the treasure? Suddenly the treasure clangs onto Captain Davis' ship."
"Stay tuned for the next book, 'Captain Davis vs. the Zombies.'"

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