Monday, February 13, 2012

Captain Davis and the Lost Treasure (by Davis)

"Captain Davis finds treasure - a Lego story." (Everything in quotes is straight out of the author's mouth) "Illustrator by Davis Baggs and Jill Baggs typer"
"He's sailing on the 7 seas - Captain Davis - a pirate captain."

"He found the island and said 'Land Ho' to himself."
"He's at the island and he puts the anchor down and he's really excited to find treasure."

"He found the X and is excited."
"He's digging fast for the treasure." (we're looking from above)

"He's squinting his eyes and pulling it out."
"He found some gold and can't wait to get back to Pirate Island."

"He pulled the anchor back up and is ready to sail."

"Pirate Island is just ahead. He can't wait to open the treasure chest and put it in his treasure chest collection."

"The skeleton is about to come alive."

"AAARRRRGGGG! The skeleton is ready to take some treasure"

Stay tuned for the sequel, "Captain Davis: Rise of the Crew Skeletons"

1 comment:

  1. Wow, what a cliff hanger. He's quite the story teller. I love the "pulling out" effort aided by "squinted eyes".