Sunday, September 11, 2011

Long overdue update

Okay, I'm the worst blogger. This morning we were watching Mormon Messages  - specifically the one about Stephanie Nielson (the young mother and amazing blogger who was burned badly in an airplane crash). I am so inspired by her lack of distraction in doing what matters most. She said her description of beauty has changed to two words - inspired motherhood. Beautiful. I often show my kids things like this to drive home lessons about focusing on what truly matters. Unfortunately, my point is not always quite understood. It was mentioned in the video that when Stephanie's blog readers heard about the accident, they rallied together and began sending money to help pay for hospital bills. Hearing that, Katie looked at me and said, "Mom, you should start a blog just in case anything happens to you. You know, in case your leg things keeps getting worse." I told her I didn't think I was that inspiring. Luckily she didn't push it.

So, in the spirit of blogging to give information rather than inspiration, a few things have been going on at our house.

I've had a hard cast on my left leg for six weeks now. I sooo took for granted having two legs to get around on. I hate using crutches. Tuesday I'll find out if the cast will be replaced by a walking boot that ironically I won't be allowed to walk on for at least two more weeks, or if I'll need surgery to repair the tendon.

These ordeals seem to be endless. It's been interesting, though, to watch the family dynamic shift while I convalesce. The last five or so times I've been incapacitated, Kyle passed through several distinct stages of coping. The first stage is the "I got this" stage - often marked by high energy meal planning, on-time shuttling to various kid activities, and patient homework help. The second stage is the "I think I can do this" stage - laundry is usually done during this stage. The third stage is the "why aren't the kids doing more" stage -  marked by varying degrees of yelling followed by sobbing from those not smart enough to stay out of the line of fire. The fourth stage is the "I am going to the store but won't be coming back" stage - usually met with compassionate, understanding, and apologetic words from convalescing wife. The fifth stage is the "it is what it is" stage - things get done, but this stage also involves lots of late nights in front of the TV in an effort to stall the coming of the new day.

Through the storm, though, often come moments that might not have come otherwise. Moments like Kyle sentencing two bedtime-rule-breaking girls to kitchen duty only to wind up on the kitchen floor in fits of laughter with the criminals themselves. Or hearing two pre-teen sisters consulting each other on what to wear to school and then helping fix each other's hair. Or hearing the sweet sounds of Kyle "patiently" teaching four rubber-glove clad children how to properly clean a bathroom. Moments like these bring me sanity and new perspective on why "it is what it is."

September begins birthday season in our house. We start with two in September, two in October, one in December, and the season ends with one in February. We don't usually have "friend parties" for the kids, but Eden really wanted one, so we let her invite a few friends over last Friday night. The evening was filled with typical pre-teen/teen frolicking, and then a special surprise - Leo! One of Eden's party guests was Leo's new owner, so I e-mailed her mom and asked her to bring Leo over when she brought her daughter. We were so excited to see him! She said that as soon as she drove into our neighborhood, he started jumping around the car - he still recognized our street. The one we used to chase him down. Good times.

The big news is that Eden's birthday wish came true!

 A big part of our lives so far this month has been soccer and softball. It's hard to believe that, so far, I've never had a kid play soccer. Is that un-American? This year, though, when I asked each kid what sport they wanted to play, Katie wanted to try soccer, Eden picked softball again, Abby dance, and Davis, well, Davis is just fine playing in his own world called "Harry Potter Transformers Land." I don't even pretend to know what goes on in that world - it's way too complicated.

Abby hasn't started dance yet. So, here are a few pictures of the other two playing their sports.

Newbie Katie (notice the shinguards on
the outside of her socks...grin)

Almost a goal!
-------------- < ---- > -------------

Batting practice

Ice: the one necessity during a double header in TX!
Then there's the probably shouldn'ts
Then there are the avoid-at-all costs!
And finally are the don't leave home
Eden was walked once, and struck out twice, but she wasn't the only one. Her team, called The Flower Mound Heat, lost 11 to 12. Sooo close.

Eden up to bat