Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sacrament meeting with Davis

Last Sunday during the Sacrament, Davis snuck over to me really quiet and said with a very serious look on his face, "I just have one question." He loves learning about the gospel, so I said, "What is it, buddy." He gestures for me to lean forward and then whispers in my ear, "How do birds fly?"

Near the end of the meeting I remembered that Katie and Davis had been asked to give the prayers in Primary. I thought I'd give them a heads up, so I asked Katie if she would say the opening prayer in Primary and Davis if he would say the closing. Katie nodded. Davis said, "Does it have to be a long prayer?" I said, "Just be sure to thank for a lot of things." "Okay." Sacrament meeting ended and as soon as the closing song was over, Davis stood up and started walking to the podium. Kyle loudly whispered, "Davis, come here, we're about to say the prayer." Davis turned around with the most confused look on his face. He did come back and sit down, but he looked very distressed. It wasn't until halfway through the closing prayer that I realized he hadn't heard me say "in Primary" when I asked him if he would say the closing prayer. He was fully prepared to just walk up and give the closing prayer in Sacrament meeting - didn't even question it. In fact, his only concern was that we had stopped him from doing his job when we called him back to his seat. Brave child. I would have loved to have heard his "long prayer."