Thursday, February 17, 2011

Memorable Kid Quote - Davis - after bringing me a fork at dinner. "I just loooove doing things for people. Except breaking into things. I don't like breaking into houses and stealing things for other people."

Friday, February 11, 2011

Yummies from the only warm place in the entire U.S.

The oranges and lemons in the title picture come courtesy of the Ordyna's family citrus grove in AZ. We woke up to a box of pure delicious on our porch (left by the mail lady.) Kyle managed to snap a picture before hoarding the rest in his office. Ordyna's are good growers and even better sharers. Thank you!

Memorable kid quote: DAVIS - While out to dinner, "Um, by the way everyone, needs to plug their nose (nose plugging demonstration) because I'm about to toot." Kyle says, "Davis, don't." Davis - "Oops, sorry, one sneaked out. The gas inside my body has to come out. . . Did you know that burps are farts that come out of your mouth?"

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Some more fun.

I've decided to update the blog with somewhat mundane information in the hope that someday, we will be able to look back and find enjoyment in it. Hopefully.

Christmas was fun. My brother Paul came down from New York, and my mom was here, too. Paul is one that needs an "experience." I swear he has a different picture in his head for each holiday and shifts into overdrive to make it a reality. The Christmas "picture," I think, is of a family sitting around a fire drinking something warm, wearing matching Christmas sweaters, singing Christmas carols. Naturally, Christmas should be a big event, but by the time I've decorated, shopped for all the gifts, and wrapped all the gifts, I'm done. Luckily, Paul is completely willing to orchestrate his scenario and will put on the music, prepare crazy amounts of food and come up with fun activities. Sometimes, though, I'm not always on the same page. For example, on Christmas Eve, I was exhausted, but Paul wanted to cook a 3 course meal that included dessert. I suggested that the kids had had enough sugar for the day and probably didn't need dessert. To which Paul replied, "So you don't want to have a fun Christmas Eve." It was more of a statement than a question. We didn't end up having dessert. I'm such a scrooge.

The rest of the night was a blast. We listened to Christmas music while playing boardgames by the Christmas tree. I've always been excited for my kids to be old enough to play "thinking" games like Balderdash and Scattergories. Eden, at 12, did great. Abby, 10, did, too. Katie, 8, teamed up with Uncle Paul, and Davis, 6, pretended to be a Transformer.

Christmas morning was crazy as expected. This was the first year I officially went overboard on the kids. Kyle, though, gave me the nicest gift I've ever received. He told me a few days before Christmas that he had a gift for me. Early in our marriage, we attempted to buy each other gifts and it didn't go so well. Too much money was spent on things neither of us really wanted, so for a few years now, we've been buying our own gifts and acting surprised on Christmas morning. This year, though, when he told me he had something for me, I racked my brain trying to think what it might be. I'm not big on gifts. I know that sounds strange. Sometimes I feel like the gift somehow equates to the relationship and because you can't put a price on relationships, it feels weird. So, I didn't know what to expect. It turned out to be the sweetest thing he could have given me. It was a year-end review. OK, before you think he was being critical, let me give some background. For nine years now, Kyle has been given a year-end review by his employer. They tell him what he's done well, what he needs to work on, and then an overall rating. I've been a little jealous. I work hard doing my job as homemaker, but never really know how I'm actually doing. So, Kyle sat down with the kids and wrote a review. It was amazing. He categorized each aspect of my job, and then wrote an evaluation. Then, he interviewed each of the kids and put their comments in each section. I cried. Of course, he only had rave reviews, but it was so detailed. And the kids' comments were priceless. Something I will cherish forever.

Later Christmas Day, Kyle took the kids to his dad's house. I stayed behind to spend more time with my mom and Paul. Paul, of course, wanted to make the most of it and have a gourmet lunch and then see a movie. My stomach was hurting a little, so I suggested we stay home and watch a movie here. We watched Whip It.

My stomach ache got worse that night, but I didn't think anything of it because Kyle said his stomach was hurting, too. I was sure it was a virus of some sort. The pain continued to get worse through the night and the next morning, my mom insisted we go to the ER. I still didn't think it was anything serious, but she took me anyway. A CT Scan showed that my appendix had been inflamed for some time and was scheduled for surgery that afternoon. 95% of the time, the appendix can be removed laparoscopically. I've found, though, that if there is a small chance of needing a more severe treatment, I will usually fall into that small chance. So, I was cut open which makes the recovery much longer and more painful. Shortly after the surgery, I developed a small, but painful, hernia under the incision and needed another surgery a month later to fix it.

It's been about 2 weeks since the second surgery and I'm still recovering. Luckily my mom is still here to help out and give me some measure of sanity while I sit around all day. It's always nice to slow down a little bit, though. I've been reading to the kids more and they say they like me in bed because they always know where to find me.

Davis had a play date today with his best friend Mason Klingler. When he came home, he told my mom and I about his 100th day of kindergarten (today). Abby helped him make a project by gluing 100 buttons to a piece of poster board. Every kindergartner had to bring in 100 somethings. They had a party and gave each kid a snack with 100 different pieces of snack food in it. Davis was really excited about it. This is all leading to today's "Memorable Kid Quote."

Memorable Kid Quote - DAVIS, holding his bag of 100 snacks, "Oh, I have to go poop. Grandma, make sure mom doesn't eat. . . wait . . . mom, you still can't get up can you? Ok, then mom, make sure grandma doesn't eat any of my snack. (While pointing a finger at grandma) Grandma, when I get back, I'm going to count by ones and if I don't have 99 snacks, you are dead. Not killed dead (pantomime of choking), in trouble dead."