Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our Favorite Saturday Activity

Okay, so they are probably not the KIDS favorite Saturday activity. They would rather go to the movies, or the water park, I'm sure. But, Kyle and I love the museum for their yearly memberships, IMAX documentaries, and endless teaching opportunities. Every kid's dream, right?

Our kids enjoy it, or at least pretend to so they can avoid "Saturday Fun Day" at home which includes . . . well . . . most things mentioned in the children's hymn "Saturday is a Special Day."

When we first moved to the area, we started going to the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science. The kids LOVED the Dino-dig section. Then, we found the Fort Worth Museum of Nature and History which had a deluxe Dino dig, light-up Lego center, and a dome Imax showing a great documentary called Tornado Alley (all I can say is, sucks to be the people who live there . . . oh . . . wait. . . ).

So, if asked to rate the two science and children's museums in the DFW area, Dallas gets 3 stars and Fort Worth gets 4.

This is Dallas:

Kyle loves taking pictures of beautiful windows OR escape routes - you decide.

Out back, there's a whisper dish where you can be 20 feet from the other one and hear whispered back and forth conversations. No secrets here.

These turtles were huge. I swear it was like wild kingdom in the pond behind the museum.

There are these cement sculptures snaking through the pond. Some are big enough to walk on as long as they don't go too far out into the water. How far is too far is still a hot topic of debate among parents and children.

This picture makes these ducks look oil-covered, but they aren't. They were so cute. For some reason, though, a boy duck was chasing these little cuties all over the pond. Poor little guys. I guess even ducky dads get frustrated sometimes.

Fort Worth:

Another escape route - er, window. Beautiful, though, right?

The best part about this particular Dino Dig in Fort Worth was that it was a re-creation of an actual dig sight in west Texas.

The girls loved that no matter how deep they dug, they still found bones.

Eden brought along her adorable friend Annie.

Davis L-O-V-E-D the Lego Light Table. And the paper airplane launcher. And the Tinker Toys. Oh, and the wind tunnel. And the magnet maze.

Kyle got sidetracked while searching for a snack. What the heck?! I didn't get to see this awesome little water feature. The girls thought it was awesome.


This chair is not for sale. Apparently.

The best part about these museums, is that there is so much to see and do, every visit feels like a first visit.


  1. Who are those huge kids? So glad you have fun, learning places to go. Miss you all terribly!

  2. Your writing in these blogs is great, Jill. Or should I say "stunning"? Or just say really really funny!