Friday, February 11, 2011

Yummies from the only warm place in the entire U.S.

The oranges and lemons in the title picture come courtesy of the Ordyna's family citrus grove in AZ. We woke up to a box of pure delicious on our porch (left by the mail lady.) Kyle managed to snap a picture before hoarding the rest in his office. Ordyna's are good growers and even better sharers. Thank you!

Memorable kid quote: DAVIS - While out to dinner, "Um, by the way everyone, needs to plug their nose (nose plugging demonstration) because I'm about to toot." Kyle says, "Davis, don't." Davis - "Oops, sorry, one sneaked out. The gas inside my body has to come out. . . Did you know that burps are farts that come out of your mouth?"

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